Selling with Century 21

Selling with Century 21

A smooth sale starts with a correct valuation of your home.

Are you considering selling your property but not sure how to start?
Our real estate specialists from Century 21 Echo Vastgoed are happy to help you with this.

Step 1? A free and correct valuation of your home.

A correct and good price for your property, that as the owner is of course the priority for your property.
At the same time, you don't want to price yourself out of the market.
The current real estate market is a rapidly changing market. Correct pricing of your home is therefore very important.
You can determine this price together with your Century 21 Echo Vastgoed Specialist.

After a tour of the house, we would like to sit around the table to explain our working method.
What are the assets of the home, what costs, if any, still have to be made and what exactly is it that makes your home worth visiting?
We are happy to help you find an answer to these questions in order to achieve a value for your property together.

Our valuations are always free of charge and without obligation with a view to sale or rental. You do not have to expect a contract right away.
We would like to get to know you and your property during an introductory meeting.
Contact us at 014 48 12 21, or request a free estimate.


See you soon?

Christina, Jay & Anthony
Century 21 Echo Vastgoed team.